Healthy And Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes

Many people want to learn more about healthy and delicious coconut oil recipes so that they can add this remarkable product to their diet. Also, some people want to learn coconut oil recipes for using this rich natural moisturizer as a topical ointment for healthy skin and hair. Considering the dietary and beauty benefits of this plentiful natural substance, incorporating it into both the diet and the beauty routine makes a great deal of sense.

Consuming and applying this natural substance provides a host of benefits for the body. The product works as a substitute for many unhealthy oils on the market, including hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils. Instead of consuming high concentrations of saturated fat, people who consume this natural product will consume substances known as medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are processed by the liver and turned into energy rather than being stored in the body as fat. The medium-chain fatty acids are also excellent for skin and hair because they easily penetrate the cell membranes of skin cells, hair follicles, and hair shafts.

In addition, this multipurpose product has antimicrobial properties. When consumed as part of a healthy diet, the substance will boost the immune system, thanks to its high concentrations of lauric acid. Also, when applied directly to skin and hair, the product will soothe dandruff, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Its antimicrobial properties will also fight against hair loss by attacking the microbes that assault the hair follicles.

Oil from coconuts can replace most oils in recipes except where the oil is refrigerated. When refrigerated, the product solidifies; the product may also solidify in baking applications if it comes into contact with cold milk or eggs. To prevent this from happening, avoid using the product for salad dressings, and bring eggs and other ingredients to room temperature before baking.

Fortunately, people do not have to be great cooks to incorporate this product into their diets. This natural product can be used as a spread for toast, as a medium for popping popcorn, as a topping for hot vegetables or cereal, and in beverages such as smoothies or even hot tea. For frying and sauteing, substitute an equal amount of oil from coconuts for vegetable oil in recipes. For baking, substitute 1/2 part butter and 1/2 part coconut oil for one part of shortening. Three-quarters of a cup of coconut oil also substitutes for one cup of shortening.

For a delicious breakfast smoothie, combine one medium banana, a cup of fresh or frozen blueberries, and one tablespoon of coconut oil. If desired, add a teaspoon of fiber powder and a scoop of whey protein concentrate. While this can be blended with a regular blender, many people find that an immersion blender helps the oil to emulsify with the other ingredients. People who prefer a cold smoothie can add ice after blending. The oil will not solidify since it has been well-combined with the other ingredients.

For amazing oatmeal cookies, combine three ripe bananas, one teaspoon of vanilla, and 1/4 cup of coconut oil in a bowl. In another large bowl, combine two cups of rolled oats, 2/3 cup of almond meal, 1/3 cup shredded coconut, and 1/2 teaspoon each of cinnamon and sea salt. Top with one teaspoon of baking powder and combine the dry ingredients well. Next, combine wet and dry ingredients; when finished, fold in seven ounces of chocolate chips or chopped chocolate bars. Drop dollops of dough onto a baking pan and bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 12-14 minutes.

For healthy skin, create a luxurious body wrap. Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of raw honey, and two drops of either vanilla, peppermint, or sweet orange essential oil. Combine the ingredients well and rub them onto the skin while reclining in a tub. Cover the body with warm towels and relax until the towels are completely cool. When the body wrap is complete, massage pure coconut oil onto skin or use another lotion with natural ingredients.

Incorporating coconut oil recipes into your diet and into your beauty routine is an easy way to inject life-giving nutrients into your body. Boost energy, immunity, and self-image by regularly making use of this powerful and rich natural substance. To purchase the product, visit a local natural health food store or order the product online. Choose labels that say "organic", "unrefined" or "virgin" for the highest quality.