Benefits of Coconut Oil and Neem: Discover Exciting Uses of Coconut Oil and Neem: Amazing Natural Healers - Boxed Set # 4 - Health Benefits of Neem and ... Natural Healers - Boxed Sets Book 10)

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Book # 1 - Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Discover the Amazing and Unbelievable Little known Health benefits of Coconut Oil.This book debunks all the myths that you might have associated with this oil and serves as an authoritative guide on the numerous benefits that you will be able to enjoy once you adopt this oil in your diet. So be ready to be amazed because what you are about to be offered is little known but incredible information about coconut oil which will open your eyes to this miraculous oil which we seldom give the respect or attention that it deserves. I am not a coconut oil seller, so there is no hidden agenda here to promote coconut oil but only the intention to offer you some objective and reliable information on the amazing health benefits of coconut oil. Here is an overview of what you will discover in this book :

  • Discover how this amazing Oil can help you Lose Weight

  • Debunk Some Popeular Myths About Coconut Oil

  • The Applications of Coconut Oil in Skin Care, Hair Care and a Wide Variety of Other Uses

  • How Coconut Oil Boosts Your Immunity and Stimulates the Thyroid Function

  • How it Can Contribute to Keeping Diabetes and Cardiac Diseases under Check

  • Find a great list of Lesser known but Important and Innovative Uses of this Oil

  • Know more about the Physical Properties and Components Of Coconut Oil

  • Differentiating Between Ordinary and Virgin Coconut Oil

  • What Makes this Oil Special and Different from all other Oils

The book offers a great chance to uncover some lesser known facts about coconut oil which will propel you to make it a part of your daily diet. I feel privileged to share with you the knowledge that I have gained about this amazing natural healer and health aid.

Book # 2 - Neem & Its Miraculous Healing Powers

This Book will Tell you everything you have wanted to know about the Miraculous Healing Powers of Neem. You will discover the powerful healing powers of Neem and what makes it the number one choice as a Natural Healer for fighting hundreds of diseases. Besides you will learn how to use it for your Benefit in day to day life. So let’s take a peep into what you can expect to find in this wonderful book on healing powers of neem -

  • What Makes Neem an Indispensible Natural healer

  • The Significance and Uses of Different Neem Tree Parts

  • The Amazing Medicinal Uses of Neem

  • How to use Neem for Nourished Admirable Healthy Hair

  • How Neem can work Wonders for your Skin

  • How to Overcome Asthma With Neem

  • Prevention and Cure of Diabetes With Neem

  • Fighting Cancer Cells with Boosted Immunity

  • Prevent Tooth Decay and Strengthen Your Teeth and Gums

  • Get Your Blood Running and Purified

  • Healthy Digestion and End of Constipation

  • Arthritis and Neem never go hand in hand

  • How Neem Acts as a Powerful Mosquito Repellant

  • Using Neem as a Safe Natural Pesticide

  • Side Effects of Neem

  • Neem for the Eyes and Ears

In short you will learn all that you have wanted to know about Neem and get most of your questions answered. You will realize how powerful this Natural Healer is and will be able to avail its benefits whenever the opportunity arises in your life. Even if you are healthy there is a lot you can improve in your life with neem. So let’s begin this little adventure where we discover exciting benefits and uses of neem.

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