Aromatherapy Box Set: 200+ Aromatherapy Recipes for DIY Beauty, Health & Home Cleaning. Learn How to Reduce Your Weight Using Essential Oils (Aromatherapy ... Essential Oils, Essential Oils books)

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BOOK #1: Essential Oils: 40+ Essential Oils You can Use To Make Your Skin Look Younger and More Beautiful

Many of us desire a clear complexion and soft and healthy skin, yet many of the cosmetics available in shops and online are costly and designed with a principle of one-type-suits-all. However, the fact is that we all have different skin types and skin complaints which are particular to us. Sometimes our skin complaints are chronic and sometimes they are brief and recurring. The key to healthy and clear skin is knowing your skin type and the nature of your skin complaint and finding effective solutions which target your particular dermatological complaint.

BOOK #2: Essential Oils: 23 Lessons on How to use Essential Oils to Reduce Weight

Losing weight is something that everyone wants to do at some point in their life. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on diet pills or diuretics in order to lose weight. You can lose weight by utilizing essential oils.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • The best essential oils to use to lose weight
  • How to use the essential oils
  • Where to purchase essential oils for weight loss
  • The basics about essential oils

BOOK #3: Coconut Oil: Learn How to Use Coconut Oil, the Side Effects and Interactions, and Improve Your Beauty

Are you tired of spending tons of your hard earned money on beauty products that promise to give you radiant, glowing skin but don’t live up to all the hype? Are you sick of spending money on expensive shampoos and conditioner only to find that there isn’t any remarkable change in your hair? It’s incredibly frustrating, not to mention expensive!

What if I told you that you could find the world’s best kept beauty secret in your local grocery store and is very inexpensive? Would you believe me?

BOOK #4: Essential Oils: 28 Amazing Essential Oil Recipes To Help You Reduce Stress. Learn How to Make Essential Oils Easily.

Modern life can be very stressful: we spend mots of our time between travelling and working, between shopping and looking after our family. So, when do we have time to treat ourselves and relax? If you have ever taken a walk to the many beauty and healthcare shops, you will have found that you can either buy cheap products whose ingredients require a degree in chemistry to make any sense of, or extremely expensive ones that are natural but very often well above your budget.

BOOK #5: Coconut Oil: 26 Amazing Coconut Oil Recipes for Beautiful Hair and Healthy Skin Carek

Nowadays, it is harder to maintain luscious manes and healthy skin with natural, toxin-free ingredients with shop bought products. However, if you take the natural, organic route you will have no problem protecting your skin and hair and in the process keeping it younger and healthier.

BOOK #6: Aromatherapy: 101 Aromatherapy Recipes for DIY Beauty, Health & Home Cleaning - Plus Tricks, Advice and Tips on How to Use Essential Oils

Have you known about aromatherapy for some time now but have never actually gotten around to it? Or, maybe you’ve dismissed aromatherapy all together because you think it’s some hokey pokey therapy that doesn’t yield any real benefits.

Aromatherapy is simply the use of essential oils from plants and other natural sources that can benefit a person’s emotional and physical health.

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